4th - 6th, August 2017
Bath, United Kingdom
How do we re-imagine global governance for
greater inclusion, peace and shared prosperity?
Global Challenges Retreat 2017
Harnessing the Restorative Power of Anger
for Social Change
"The Supreme task is to organize and unite people so that their
anger becomes a transforming force" – Martin Luther King Jr.
Are you a philosopher, a strategist or
an actor for social change?
Do You Dare to Imagine A Better World?
Become a part of a groundbreaking
inclusive community for change
The time has come to engage every individual
in the global ecosystem for social change.

A New Model

Re-Imagining Global Governance

The greatest threats we face today transcend national boundaries; they therefore need to be addressed jointly by all countries based on an increased realization of our mutual dependence. That is why I believe a new global framework for managing them must be found.” 

Laszlo Szombatfalvy

Is our current Global Governance Model (GGM) able to address global challenges? Does the existing GGM provide effective protection of human rights for people all over the world? Can we change the GGM to create a more just, inclusive, and peaceful world for all? And if so, how?

With a focus on facilitating diverse perspectives, and using some of the latest innovation tools these are some of the questions we will be exploring with thought leaders, academics, business leaders, policy makers, entrepreneurs, professionals, NGOs, students, artists, artisans … and maybe even you.

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The Solution Is Us

Re-Imagining A Better World Begins In…

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