“The greatest threats we face today transcend national boundaries; they therefore need to be addressed jointly by all countries based on an increased realization of our mutual dependence. That is why I believe a new global framework for managing them must be found.”
Laszlo Szombatfalvy

Is our current Global Governance Model (GGM) able to address global challenges? Does the existing GGM provide effective protection of human rights for people all over the world? Can we change the GGM to create a more just, inclusive, and peaceful world for all? And if so, how?

With a focus on facilitating diverse perspectives, and using some of the latest innovation tools these are some of the questions we will be exploring with thought leaders, academics, business leaders, policy makers, entrepreneurs, professionals, NGOs, students, artists, artisans … and maybe even you.

The kinds of conversations we create are those that help us to emerge differently and encourage new ways of thinking about the world we have created.

The Global Challenges Retreat 2017 is hosted by the U-Solve School of Social Entrepreneurship (SSE) and will be held at the University of Bath, United Kingdom.

GCR 2017 was catalysed by the Global Challenges New Shape Competition 2017 however, there is no formal affiliation with the Global Challenges Foundation.  Participants are at liberty to use the information and tools shared in support of their individual submissions to the Global Challenges Competition.

Do You Dare to Imagine A Better World?

Are you the philosopher, strategist and/or actor in fashioning a new more socially just world?

We are launching a  groundbreaking inclusive change-maker community ‘Global Creative Leaders’ in the beautiful UNESCO world heritage city of Bath, United Kingdom in August 2017.

If you are frustrated about the way the world is, and would like to harness that energy constructively in any of the following areas : global political economy, human rights and development, global social and environmental justice, social entrepreneurship and innovation then you might just be a ‘Global Creative Leader’. Inclusion is our primary value. ALL are welcome and for this our inaugural event you are not obliged to pay to attend, but as there is limited space, attendance is by INVITATION only.

The Context
Trust in Retrospect
Image from the Edelman Global Trust Barometer 2017

In the 2017 World Economic Forum Global Risks Report public anger was for the first time identified as a global issue.  Additionally, the 2017 Edelman Trust Barometer reveals that trust is in crisis around the world. The general population’s trust in all four key institutions — business, government, NGOs, and media — has declined broadly, a phenomenon not reported since Edelman began tracking trust among this segment in 2012. There are unprecedented and increasing levels of income inequality derived from an economic system that primarily rewards capital and profit-making innovation. Recent reports estimate that in 2017 eight (8) men now own more than 50% of the world’s wealth.  As a result, populist expressions of discontent, various forms of extremism and distrust of political institutions are increasing at alarming rates across the globe.

This discontent coupled with new and threatening global risks which strain the limits of our current framework for addressing trans-national challenges makes an acute and pressing case for rethinking our approaches to global governance, equity and socio-economic justice. Moreover, the lack of access to accurate, and reliable data translated in a way that is relevant to the majority exacerbates public mistrust and volatility within the global community and at national levels.

Finding constructive ways to create an inclusive, Truth-Based Society which meaningfully addresses trans-national challenges is now a must for world leaders, innovators and educators. In short, the need to create a more inclusive platform to engage individuals, communities, corporations, and governments in the global ecosystem for change is crucial.

The Global Challenges Retreat (GCR) 2017 is a platform designed to bring together professionals, academics, experts, entrepreneurs, corporate executives, activists, artists, artisans, students and concerned citizens in a groundbreaking change-maker community harnessing knowledge, expertise and culture within a political and economically democratic framework to address global challenges.

The Global Creative Leaders Community is built on respect for the principles of civic, political, economic, social and cultural rights.

The Global Creative Leaders Community is shaped by the following values:

  • International and intercultural understanding
  • Celebration of difference
  • Personal responsibility and integrity
  • Mutual responsibility and respect
  • Compassion and service
  • Respect for the environment
  • A sense of idealism
  • Personal challenge
  • Action and personal example

Our vision is a world of greater inclusion, peace and prosperity for this generation and generations to come.