‘Maybe you are searching among branches for what only appears in the roots.’


GCR Event

Catalysed by the Global Challenges New Shape Competition, and with a view to continuing the dialogue and actions, the Global Challenges Retreat 2017 has the following objectives:

  1. To create a sustainable global change-maker community ‘Global Creative Leaders’ that is inclusive, has respect for human dignity and rights and which facilitates the creation of bottom-up solutions to global challenges and providing conflict-free avenues for the flow of resources toward those solutions.
  2. To discuss and crowdsource new ways of thinking re the Creative Question: How might we re-imagine global governance to foster more inclusion, peace and prosperity for this generation and generations to come?

GCR 2017 is hosted by the U-Solve School of Social Entrepreneurship (SSE) at the University of Bath, United Kingdom.

This Retreat was catalysed by the Global Challenges New Shape Competition 2017 however, there is no formal affiliation with the Global Challenges Foundation.  Participants are at liberty to use the information and tools shared in support of their individual submissions to the Global Challenges Competition.


The Venue
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The Global Challenges Retreat will be held in the ancient city of Bath, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of Western Civilizations oldest known parliamentary constituencies (since 1295). It is where the old pagan, Roman, Goddess worshipping world and the new Christian Britannia intersect and fittingly is a place of healing, transformation and deep reflection. It was where Jane Austin imagined her ideals of love. It was a refuge for Emperor Haile Selassie. Now, the U-Solve SSE, hosts an intrepid group of change-makers who dare to re-imagine a better future. Bath in balmy August, inspirational architecture, rich historical anecdotes around every corner to deepen your presence of mind and the natural world providing endless inspiration.

Our TII Methodology




Only a profound inward revolution which alters all of our values can create a different environment, an intelligent social structure and such a revolution can be brought about only by you and me. No new order will arise until we individually break down our own psychological barriers and are free.


Uncovering Our Creative Question : Public Anger is an extreme manifestation that our community is broken.  However, it is a powerful restorative energy for social change. Before we can propose a new model for global governance or design solutions for addressing global challenges we must seek greater understanding of the history of our brokenness. Participants will deconstruct public anger and seek to identify root causes, underlying social conditioning and areas for healing with a view to developing a shared foundation on our Creative Question and our objectives for the creation process over the next two days.




The greatest threats we face today transcend national boundaries; they therefore need to be addressed jointly by all countries based on an increased realization of our mutual dependence. That is why I believe a new global framework for managing them must be found.”

Laszlo Szombatfalvy,
Founder of Global Challenges Foundation

Designing Our Model : Building on the root causes identified on Day One and mindful of the need to design a just model based on truth and reconciliation, participants use some of the latest Creative Modelling tools and through guided innovation labs participants work together on what a new model for global governance could look like.




A single individual is enough for hope to exist, and that individual can be you.” 

Pope Francis

Maximizing Impact : Conversations and tools on resilience and  impact maximization will be discussed. By the end of the day we should be able to articulate our new proposed Model, and a framework for testing our Theory of Impact, the key metrics and methodology for data collection and measurement and most importantly, develop your personal plan of action to be are part of the change.

How is the Global Creative Leaders community different?

There are many change-maker communities.  Ours is different.

  • We believe in an inward transformation before we can create an outward revolution.  We see the global challenges as gifts of opportunity to be embraced. We believe in acknowledging our brokenness, our personal and collective anger and harnessing that energy as a powerful restorative energy for social change. Your wounds are a pathway to uncovering the gifts you will bring to the world. We believe in Kintsukuroi – that we can be more beautiful because we have been broken.
  • We believe in inclusion as a core value in our community.  We will not use traditional commercially-driven business models to sustain our community. This means, if you cannot pay to be a part of our community, you do not have to.  We are far more interested in YOU being a part of our community than any short-term profit gained.
  • We believe the solutions to our problems will come from us, the people – from the bottom up.  Top-down governance models have produced the world that we are currently living in where corporations and capital have been able to purchase from decision-makers the rules and systems that serve their commercial objectives and not the human objectives of compassion, service and contribution. We can sit and wait for the decision-makers to get it right or we can decide to take responsibility and act for ourselves.
  • We are about strategic collective action toward addressing global challenges. Disconnected and dispersed initiatives for addressing global challenges do not allow for maximum impact. We believe that where there is focus and velocity there is the energy for substantial change. We will develop your social entrepreneurial capacity and support the launch of your initiatives but your initiatives will be aligned to strategic plans of action toward the global challenges within a framework where your and the collective impact of our community will be measured and tracked.

Do you dare to re-imagine our world?

Do you dare to become a part of the solution?

Attendance is by invitation only and you are not obliged to pay

There are only 30 spaces in our Global Creative Leadership Community.

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