The Global Challenges Retreat

A Groundbreaking Change-Maker Community

Inclusion, Peace, Prosperity

Our global community is in a state of Koyannisquatsi. According to Hopi Dictionary: Hopìikwa Lavàytutuveni, the Hopi word koyaanisqatsi (Hopi pronunciation: [kojɑːnisˈkɑtsi]) is defined as “life of moral corruption and turmoil” or “life out of balance”. The prefix koyaanis– means “corrupted” or “chaotic”, and the word qatsi means “life” or “existence”, literally translating koyaanisqatsi as “chaotic life”.  The visible cracks in our global community manifests in the poverty, environmental degradation, lack of inclusion and disharmony. This, at the same time, that technological advancement has provided us with more power than we have ever had before to provide for human needs, opportunities for responsible growth and development and participation.


However, we believe that within our brokenness lies the gift of opportunity.

We believe that as a global community, if we change the dominant narratives, embrace our brokenness and create new empowering meanings, we can forge a more inclusive, peaceful and prosperous world for all.

Through technological advancement, we have never had more power to create tribes, meet, dialogue and create with like-minded individuals all over the world.  Transforming the Koyaanisquatsi of our planet to Kintsukuroi for future generations is the responsibility of this generation.  We are the Change-Maker Generation. If you are frustrated with the current imbalance on the planet you may be one of the agents to lead change.  You may already be leading change in some area.  It is time for us to come together in more inclusive communities with shared respect for the human rights of all people.
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Do You Dare to Imagine A Better Future?

Some of us feel deeply that to be born in this moment in history is a privilege and a responsibility to act for the betterment of humanity.  Do You? If so, you may be our partner in the creation of this new Global Change-Maker Community- Global Creative Leaders.  

The difference between you and others is that when you hear news of human injustice and unprecedented and increasing levels of income inequality your anger prompts action. When you see the breakdown in truthful, rational discourse and investigative journalism being replaced by partisan post-truth propaganda and dangerous populism and extremism as distrust of key institutions increase, your anger makes you want to do more than protest or write angry letters to the editor.

If you have the insight to perceive the problem, you have the foundation to create a solution.  

APPLY To Become a Global Creative Leader

You may have valuable skills and experience but not know how best to wield them. You might know how to wield them but need advice, partnerships and a support system. You may have started your own movement and want to strengthen your network and join forces with other likeminded individuals and communities for greater impact.

The GCR 2017 is more than a three (3) day Retreat, this is an opportunity to become a founding member of a new groundbreaking, Global Change-Maker Community, – ‘Global Creative Leaders’.

At GCR 2017, our goal is to forge a unique change-maker community that is inclusive, founded on historical truth and justice and for the benefit of people and the planet.

Our vision is an inclusive community working from (1) The ground up- getting to the root of the issues and identifying the key movers and how best to shift them and (2) inside out- each individual change-maker going through our TII process of Transformation, Innovation and Impact to transmute anger and frustration into powerful, positive societal action.

GCR is inclusive, as we aim to remove any monetary barriers to attendance, and exclusive as spaces are limited to 30 in order to protect the quality of engagement over the course of the three days. Accordingly, anyone desirous of attending must submit an APPLICATION.

The GCR is only for the people and corporations serious about becoming a radical force for change. The GCR is not a platform to convince or persuade. The GCR is a platform to engage, educate, and empower Change-makers in a radical, urgent and strategic plan for putting human rights, justice and equality at the forefront of global governance, politics, industry and development. If you feel that the world is doing better than it has ever done before and current issues are cyclical and will work themselves out in time, the GCR is not the place for you.

Have you ever found yourself frustrated and bothered by the question – What or What More Can I Do?

This retreat will not be the usual line up of WHO’s WHO. This retreat is about YOU.

Our focus is on the quality of people at this event armed with a fervent desire to serve and who are bold enough to believe that they can make a difference.

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The GCR Package includes all materials, accommodation and meals for three (3) nights in the beautiful city of Bath, United Kingdom and includes programme site visits throughout the Cities of Bath and Bristol.  It also includes annual membership in the new Global Creative Leaders Community.

Now here is the Truth.  

Our cost for hosting each person including accommodation and meals is £650 (flights and transportation costs are not included). Accommodation will be at the University of Bath at the cost of £110 per night inclusive of meals.  We can assist in sourcing cheaper alternative accommodation however mealtime activities are planned so this must be done together in the group.

Nonetheless, one of our personal pain points is that many changemaker, social innovation and entrepreneurship communities are so expensive that they serve to exclude powerful, talented, innovators who may for some reason not have the means to attend at the time.  As one of the primary values of Global Creative Leaders is Inclusion,  and as we are trying to create an unprecedented community of changemakers serious about working together in the long term as a radical force for change, we racked our brains to come up with a model which is not prohibitive to any potential change-maker but which at the same time was fair and supportive of the sustainability of this initiative.

As potential partners in the Global Creative Leaders Community we decided to begin our relationship by not asking you to place your trust in us, but by us placing our Trust in you.

Our model is ‘Pay What You Feel’

We have chosen this model because we are building a community based on the primary values of Truth,  Trust and Inclusion.

Hopefully, this approach will mitigate against the prohibitive nature of many like-minded communities and at the same time, also facilitate those change-makers who may have the means to give more and who are so moved.

If after you submit an application, you are invited to attend, we are asking that you make your decision ‘heartfully’.

You will be invited to either pay what you feel you can pay upfront or you can attend the retreat, spend three (3) days with us and then decide what you feel you can pay.

If you receive an invitation to attend and you cannot pay at all, please know that we VALUE YOU and we will be honoured and excited to have you be a part of the Global Creative Leaders Community.

We will not allow traditional economic constructs to separate US.

We know that the time has come to engage every individual in the global ecosystem for change.

We know that those of us who dare to believe in a better future must work together and not apart to make it happen.

We welcome you in love.

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Our Core Value is Inclusion and bringing diverse perspectives together to inform a New Model for Global Governance which can address the transnational challenges we face. Read More 


You Can Still Join US

If you are not able to attend GCR 2017 but would still like to get involved please Apply to Join the Community here.  You will receive updates and opportunities to participate in future projects, initiatives and events.  Also please participate in our Re-Imagining Global Governance Survey below.

The current global governance architecture provides limited opportunities for individuals and communities to participate in transnational decision-making which impacts their lives. We have set as our goal, the interrogation and redesign of the existing model of global governance for inclusion, peace and prosperity for all and we want to ensure that we obtain as many perspectives from interested individuals including thought leaders, academics, policymakers, entrepreneurs, NGO leaders, philanthropists, corporate executives, artists, artisans, students and concerned citizens. To this end we have created a Short Survey to obtain your preliminary views. If you are willing to participate in a more in-depth interview please indicate so in the Survey. The results will be collated, analysed and presented at GCR 2017 in an anonymized format to inform the dialogue on a New Model for Global Governance. Please visit Survey here USE THE CODE: 14 31 49